Surf Camp For Intermediate Surfers

The Ultimate Surf Camp For Intermediate Surfers In Costa Rica

If you love surfing but for some reason you haven’t been able to take your surf skills to the next level, or you just want to have a real surf trip like the pro surfers do, then this surf camp is for you.

The intermediate surf camp is designed to maximize your surf skills and knowledge. We will work in finding your own surf style, and explaining in-depth how to read not just the waves but the ocean as a whole

This is a surf trip around Costa Rica’s most popular surf towns where the waves are perfect for you to keep building your surf confidence and knowledge

What Would You Learn In This Surf Camp

We will focus on the theory behind how to read the waves, tides, and ocean conditions, the importance of surf etiquette and the rules that are used by all surfers on the lineup
This surf camp offers many surf sessions where you will see learn how to carve a wave,  make wide and narrow turns, generate speed – and maybe learn some small tricks
  • We will start by evaluating your surf level to have a firm base to start with.
  • The ground and wind swell will be explained completely.
  • This information will, later on, help you read the weather condition by yourself.
  • Students will learn the ocean’s periodic change of sea level called tides.
  • In addition, the instructors will explain glassy waves, also called ultra-clean surf without ripple.
  • Wind blows will also be thought in the lesson material, as well as recognizing lumpy surfing.
  • Intermediate students will learn how to duck dive, which means pushing one’s surfboard underwater nose-first, to get them and also the board under a wave that has broken or is just about to break.
  • Students will learn the take-off position when catching a wave and riding.
  • Other essential material includes surf etiquette, which covers how to ride slowly and carefully through crowded areas, how to respect the environment, and how to respect the locals and other surfers around you.

To know exactly how we teach or intermediate surf lessons please go to Surfing Lessons For Intermediate Surfers

About This Surf Camp


Accommodation is included in your package with Nomadic Surf Camp. Each town offers a different vibe and we are going to stay in a mix of handpicked hotels alongside some fun, more casual hostels, and remote beach cabins 



 Water, snacks, fruit and breakfast are provided by us. All other food & drink need to be purchased separately. We will have the option to go to local restaurants or use a fully equipped kitchen


We will be visiting popular surf towns like Montezuma, Santa Teresa , Samara, Nosara and Tamarindo alongside unknown beaches and secrete surf spots 

See Surfing Destinations 


All the equipment for surfing is included. We have a wide range of high-quality surfboards that are ideal for learning and we will fit you with the perfect board

Other Activities

This is mainly a surf adventure, however, because we love to explore, on some occasions, we may go out of our way to visit waterfalls or other sights

Photos & Videos:

We always have a GoPro on board, so all the photos and videos taken on this trip are included in the price. Please bring a memory stick to get your images

Surf Camp For Intermediate Surfers
3 Days Minimum
$ 190
Per day
  • Basic Accommodation & breakfast
  • Personal Driver & 4X4 Jeep Transportation
  • Fulltime Bilingual Guide & Surf Instructor
  • Surfboards, Fins, Leashes, Wax
  • 5 Spaces Available Only
  • Water, Fruits & Snacks
  • Daily Surf Coaching
  • Lots Of Surf Sessions
  • Photos & Videos
  • Extra Activities

 Water, snacks, fruits and breakfast are provided in your package. All other food & drink need to be purchased separately.

You should anticipate a minimum of $20 a day for lunch and dinner. 


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