Scooter Rental

Rent A Scooter And Travel Costa Rica Like A Local

Experience all the beautiful beaches and countryside of Costa Rica in a easy, fun and reliable scooter adventure. We have a wide variety of scooters for rent in Uvita and San Miguel, and we can deliver anywhere in Costa Rica

All the scooters have a fully automatic transmission, which means no shifting, they are super-easy to ride, use very little gas and all scooters have under-seat storage compartment for a helmet or personal items

Scooter Rental Price

*We only accept cash

All scooters are in perfect conditions, they come with helmet, lock, and , ready to drive

Book Your Scooter

Get the perfect scooter for your Costa Rican trip

Scooter Rental Requirements

Must be at least 18 years old
Possess a valid driver’s license
Refundable deposit ($250 cash only)
Scooters are not allowed on the beaches
Most wear helmets and reflective tape

Included On Your Scooter Rental

Reflective tape
Unlimited mileage
Mandatory insurance (INS)
Locker usage
Helmets (2)

Add To Your Scooter Rental

Phone with internet connection
GoPro 9
Surfboard rack
20L waterproof back

Scooter Nexus

Engine: 150 cc

Passengers: 2 Or 145 kg

Transmission: Automatic

Maximum Speed: 85 km/h

Fuel Capacity: 5.5 Liters

Honda Navi

Engine: 110 cc

Passengers: 1 Or 100 kg

Transmission: Automatic

Maximum Speed: 75 km/h

Fuel Capacity: 3.2 Liters

Scooter X6

Engine: 150 cc

Passengers: 2 Or 145 kg

Transmission: Automatic

Maximum Speed: 85 km/h

Fuel Capacity: 5.5 Liters

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